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The Benefits of Landscapes

Landscaping plays a very important role in our homes and offices, even though at times we might feel as if it is too costly for us to afford, tagging it as something for the rich. The truth is that it doesn’t have to be expensive, and you can use the simplest of things such as the plastic containers around your home. It serves to make the home look better, bringing our own taste to the backyard. In this article, we are going to look at the benefits of landscapes.

The Benefits of Landscapes
The Benefits of Landscapes

Environmental Benefits of Managed Landscapes

  • Natural Coolants – you cannot compare the cooling effect of grass to tarmac or cement. As a matter of fact, it is an air conditioner that was made by nature for us. Add that to the shade that is provided by trees and the temperatures in your home will go down considerably during the summer.
  • Environmental Cleaners – Grass is also an environmental cleaner, trapping dust, smoke and other polluting elements.
  • Water Protectors – in the event that there are unhealthy water runoffs, healthy lawns quickly absorb them and put the water to use, ensuring that other water bodies aren’t affected.
  • Air Cleaners – plants are known to absorb carbon dioxide in the daytime, breaking into oxygen and carbon, creating oxygen for the people that live in the home.
  • Noise Minimizers – lawns and plants have a way of absorbing noise and minimizing noise pollution levels by up to 30% as compared to hard surfaces like pavements.
  • Turf grass slows down and absorbs runoff into bodies of water.

Benefits of Urban Landscapes

  • The introduction of tree canopies and vegetation in cities improves the quality of lives of the residents.
  • Parks and tree canopies help reduce noise.
  • According to research, streets that are lined with trees experience less crime.
  • Environments with trees improve attention and memory.

Lakeside Residences

In the event that you don’t feel comfortable enough to landscape your home, or feel that you don’t have the time to do it, you can go for a home that will already be made for you, and that is what brings us to Lakeside Residences, a new multi-phase high-rise residential development project. The lakeside Condos is a development project that’s still in the pre-construction stage, located on a 3.8-acre piece of land in Toronto’s East Bayfront area. It features three towers in the first phase, with a total of eight buildings with two striking towers when completed. It is expected to be completed and ready for occupancy in 2020. Currently there is no final tally as to how many suites the whole development project will have, nor amount of commercial or public space info is still available. The developer of the project is Greenland Group, the architect Hariri Pontarini Architects. The building types are condo and retail. This is a development project that is worth the investment, and the sooner that you pay for it, the higher your chances of getting an apartment with the best sightings of the city.


Landscaping is something that all land developers are taking seriously nowadays. When landscaped properly, the value of land automatically goes up as does the beauty. Buying properties like the lakeside Residences is a great investment.