Keep Your Yard Looking Its Best with a Clean Pool

If you have a pool in your backyard, its condition can dramatically affect the overall appearance of your yard. By performing basic cleaning tasks, you can help keep your pool looking clean and make it safer to use. Consider these pool cleaning tips to help you stay on top of any maintenance tasks.

Balance the Chemicals

The first key to a safe pool is keeping the chemicals balanced. You need to test your water regularly and add the appropriate chemicals to reach optimal results. Failure to maintain the balance can result in damage to your pool as well as unhealthy conditions for yourself and your family. Luckily, testing kits and appropriate chemicals are readily available, and most of these process involved are simple to follow.


Skimming the pool allows you to remove surface debris. Use a telescopic pole for increased reach, and make sure the netting is well maintained. All you have to do is use the netting to collect debris, then simply remove the debris from the net. Repeat until all surface materials have been removed and properly disposed of.


A pool brush allows you to clean various surfaces including ladders and steps. The process is similar to brushing your teeth, as the bristles remove dust and other build up on the surfaces, making them safer to use. Some buildup can become slick, resulting in a safety risk. Regular brushing helps lower that risk.

Keep Your Yard Looking Its Best with a Clean Pool

Robotic Cleaners

Maintaining the interior of the pool initially seems difficult since it is full of water. However, the best robotic pool cleaners can complete the job quickly and require limited intervention on your part. Simply place the cleaner in the pool per the instructions and remove once the job is complete. All operating materials are included as well as guidance regarding an appropriate cleaning schedule.

These cleaners work similarly to a vacuum cleaner, collecting dirt and debris from the floor of the pool even when it is full of water. Regularly cleaning can help prevent bacterial buildup for a safer environment.

Pool Filters

Every pool has a filter that helps remove debris from the water. Often, these filters can become covered in debris and other buildup from the pool. A clogged filter may be able to be unclogged for continued use, but eventually, all filters must be replaced.

Shocking the Pool

If you are especially concerned about bacterial growth, it may be wise to shock the pool. This is a chemical process that helps remove contaminants but requires extra time before the pool will again be usable. However, when it comes to human waste in the water, it can be your best option for remedying the situation.

Pool Surrounds

The area around the pool also needs to be maintained for appearances and safety. Debris on the ground around the pool can pose a tripping or slipping hazard, and can ultimately end up in the pool under certain weather conditions. To help keep your other maintenance tasks lower, such as skimming and managing the filter, take the time to prevent items from ending up in the pool in the first place to lower the amount of time required to complete maintenance tasks.…