Gardening Tips For Those With A Dog

Keeping a garden is not an easy job. It gets enough tougher if you have a dog in the house. From the dog digging holes to just random strolls in the garden, it is not easy to ensure your plant’s safety. With that in mind, we have some tips that will help you keep your garden safe from your dog.


Put limits right away

If you have a young pup, it is easier to let them know from a young age which part of the yard they can play in and what is off limit. You can do it with older dogs also but, it is slightly easier with younger pups.


Go out with them

Do not allow your dog go out to the yard on its own. Not until it learns to stay off your garden. You need to go out and be with them constantly, tell it not to go in the garden until it starts to understand that the garden is off limits. If you leave it alone at the start, there is a good chance it will dig up half your garden.

If you have tried numerous times to set limits and your dog still doesn’t listen it may be time to take it to an obedient class. They will teach it basic commands to listen to which can easily translate to its daily routine.


Install a fence

To keep your dog from getting to your garden, you can put a fence around it. Nothing big, just a low picket fence will do. This will keep your dog from getting to it and leave the rest of the yard open for it to play in. The fence will provide your garden with a delightful touch.

If your dog has to stay out by itself for a long period of time while you are away, then we recommend you build it a kennel. You can leave enough water and food for it. It isn’t recommended to leave your dogs for a long period of time but if you do then you can leave food for dogs with tummy problems just to ensure that it doesn’t get sick.


Garden with your dog

You can have your dog accompany you while you garden. There won’t be much it can do but it will see how much work you put in the garden and know its importance.


Use containers and pots

If you have tried the other tips and to no avail then you can garden in containers. Get large pots and use them as a garden tool to prevent your dog from getting to them. There are pots that have wonderful designs and you can also easily paint over plain ones.

Keeping a garden with a dog is not an impossible task. If you love gardening and want to keep a dog there are plenty different ways you can do so. Our tips will certainly help you achieve that. Just make sure you do use any plants that may be harmful to your dog.…

How to Keep Skunks Away from Your Garden

When you see skunks for the first time, you cannot help but feel in awe because they are cute creatures. You do know however that once skunks spray you, it will be hard for you to get rid of the smell for days. Skunks can eat a lot of different items. They can eat other living creatures and they can eat other fruits and vegetables as well.

They may look cute but they can do a lot of damage to your garden that you would like to improve. If in case you are feeling a bit confused about what you have to do, remember that knowing what keep skunks away can always be effective. Here are more things that you have to do:

How You Can Discover Your Artistic Side

  1. Observe where the skunks usually get access to food and eliminate those food sources. If you know that the skunk always gets some fruits from your tree, you may create a fence that will discourage the skunk from entering. If you have some berries, you may also add some netting so skunks will not be able to get them. It may be enough to drive them away because if they do not get fed, they search for other sources.
  2. If there is some rotten food products scattered all over your home, get rid of these products. If they are biodegradable, you can use them as fertilizers so bury them in various parts of your garden but if you have no use for them, dispose them properly.
  3. Get rid of the bugs that may be found in your garden. Of course, you do not want to get rid of some insects that will be good for your garden. You need to make sure that you will only get rid of those that skunks usually eat. The more that you lessen their food sources, the more that they will not bother your garden.
  4. Have some traps for skunks that visit your garden often. Remember that the traps you are going to make should not harm skunks in any way. It is best to contact a pest control company that will be in charge of placing the skunks in places where they rightfully belong.
  5. Have some fox urine scent available. Skunks are intimidated by fox and if they smell fox urine, they would most likely stay away.
  6. Get to know some of the plants that will help get rid of skunks. There are a lot of skunks that love squash but will hate their leaves with passion. The leaves of squash may have little hair that can irritate the skunk.
  7. Mothballs can be very effective in repelling skunks. You can expect that skunks will naturally smell mothballs because they have a great sense of smell. They do not like the scent and they would rather go someplace wherein they are not irritated.

Can you still think of other tips that will help get rid of skunks in your garden? Remember to avoid getting sprayed by skunks and hiring professionals may still be the best choice available.…