Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid at Your New House

Purchasing a new home is extraordinarily exciting. The joy of setting it up to look just the way you want is enough to inspire others to choose to move too. However, there are some outside renovations you should not forget. You need to make a plan, or layout, for your landscaping. And, these are the landscaping mistakes to avoid at your new house.

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Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid at Your New House

9 Mistakes to Keep Away From

There are a number of landscaping mistakes and disasters common to those trying this out for the first time. Surely you won’t want to look like a landscaping newbie. Therefore, these are the 9 mistakes to keep away from:

  1. Disregarding the value of curb appeal– Everybody wants a fabulous backyard. But, they often forget that the front yard is a visitor’s first experience with their new home.
  2. Adding too many lawn ornaments– While a few whimsical additions can add to the intrigue of your new home, you should probably keep it simple. Too many lawn ornaments can become a distraction from the real joy: your home.
  3. Neglecting the ability to recycle– People have a tendency to bag up all their yard debris. However, you can use leaves as mulch and tinder for a super cool bonfire. Save the plastic bags that way too. Why add to the landfill when you don’t have to? Learn more.
  4. Choosing the wrong place to plant– When you don’t know what you’re doing it is pretty easy to mess up on placement. You have to consider sunlight and exposure to prevent those expensive plants from turning into a crispy eyesore.
  5. Digging too deep when planting– Although it often seems counterintuitive to plant in shallow holes, most plants only require minimum depths to sustain themselves. After all, that’s what growing roots is all about. So, don’t put too much soil around your new foliage.
  6. Trimming the grass too short– Don’t believe the myth that the shorter you cut the grass the less you will have to mow. You can actually cause a good deal of harm to your grass if you scalp it. That luscious green groundcover will quickly turn a sickly yellow under those circumstances. Read more.
  7. Ignoring the power of the view– You are the one who truly needs to enjoy your landscaping so don’t ignore the power of the view. You want to be able to look out your windows and smile. Plan accordingly as you initiate your design ideas.
  8. Getting the wrong pots– It’s easy to get a pot that’s too big because you want the plant to grow or you don’t want to have to frequently repot it.