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Safety Gear That Every Gardening and Landscaping Business Should Have

Staying safe on the job can be tough, especially if you are doing one of the most dangerous jobs in the word.  Electrical power-line installing, farming and agricultural managing, truck driving, structural iron and steel work and roofing repairing are some of the most dangerous jobs in the world and, surprisingly enough, gardening and landscaping is also labeled as one of the top most dangerous jobs in the world.  This is because many landscaping and gardening tasks involve using many dangerous tools such as chain saws and more.  If you run gardening and landscaping business or simply do your own gardening and landscaping then you definitely should get high quality safety gear to keep everyone on the team as safe as possible while they are doing their dangerous jobs.

Safety Gear That Every Gardening and Landscaping Business Should Have

Safety wear workers should have

The right safety gear can prevent a lot of injuries or at least help reduce the impact of accidents as they happen.  Mines and construction companies put a lot of emphasis on safety which resulted in many safety gear manufacturers on the market.  You can get your hands on high quality safety gear no matter where you are because there are so many great online stores where you can shop high quality safety gear.  Here are the basic safety gear that every gardening and landscaping worker need; 

Safety boots – A good set of safety boots don’t just protect your feet from the occasional stumble.  Great boots makes it much easier to do your work since your feet don’t get hurt at all by any natural elements and most high quality safety boots are steel toed and waterproof which also keeps feet dry and safe during accidents.  The Tool Report is one of the best review sites to check out to get info on the best safety boots on the market. 

Coveralls – Coveralls greatly reduce the chances of getting burned while using power tools since most coveralls are resistant to fire.  Coveralls also protect your skin against scrapes, burns, cuts and more and are a must for garden workers. 

Gloves – Gardening involves a lot of cutting and digging and can be tough on your hands.  A good set of gloves will protect your hands and might just keep you from losing a finger. 

Ear protection – Many garden tools like chain saws and lawn mowers are too noisy for your ears to handle.  Garden workers should wear ear protection while using loud power tools. 

Safety glasses – Safety goggles are a must for various gardening chores like lawn mowing and chainsaw cutting because these glasses will protect your eyes from flying objects. 

Hard hat – If you are doing tree trimming then a hard hat can save your life and should thus be part of your safety gear. 

Safety gear for high risk tasksTree felling and roof cleaning are some of the most dangerous tasks in gardening and landscaping.  To be safe on these tough jobs you should also have harnesses and straps and a safety mask is a must for other messy and risky jobs like chainsaw cutting or concrete mixing.