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Reasons to Add a Pond to Your Landscaping Designs

Generally, when people think about landscaping, they immediately focus on the grass and plants. They think about shrubbery and flower beds. However, there are some great reasons to add a pond to your landscaping designs. And, it is probably about time you started thinking about it.

One great reason, is your love of fishing. Maybe you have had to hire Striper Express Guide Service in previous fishing escapades. You have requested their assistance with catching striped bass. You wanted them to show you the best ways to land these fish with the “vicious bites and extreme fights.” And, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, you don’t have to travel to Lake Texoma for your fishing pleasure, if you install a giant pond on your property.

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The Purposes for Adding a Pond to Your Property

Your backyard, though expansive, might seem to be lacking in fun, or appeal. It might be that you have a lot of space and little is being done with it. If you want to make your property more constructive and beneficial, you should consider these purposes for adding a pond:

  1. Peaceful Oasis– Face it, water features always draw the mind into a gentle calm that the grind of daily life tends to disrupt. You can sit by the pond and relax, happily gazing at all the wildlife that appear to have found their homes there.
  2. Habitat- Like we already mentioned, when you add a pond, you will welcome wildlife to your yard. And, if you live in the swamp like we do, a pond will be a great way to welcome ducks and deer. Everything’s got to eat, and everything’s got to drink. You never know what might show up on your property if you install a pond.
  3. Water Storage– If you are one of those prepper types, this is the greatest purpose for adding a pond to your property. You know that having an extra water source could be the difference between life and death. If this is your main rationale, please be certain that you have a water filter so that you are actually able to drink the pond water, or it will do you little good. You can read this about filters that allow you to drink otherwise disgusting water.
  4. Pest Control– As much as you are fearful of the potential for an abundance of mosquitoes if you install a pond, it’s really not that bad. You can spend a little money to ensure that your pond doesn’t get infested with mosquito larvae. Then, you can appreciate the fact that a number of insect eating species also utilize ponds to lay their eggs. And, the salamanders, frogs, and toads (which also devour insects) will breed there as well. Just be forewarned that frogs and toads like to sing at night.
  5. Food Production– We mentioned that adding a big pond in your yard would enable you to enjoy fishing from home. But, you can actually eat the fish too. And, ponds will add an irrigation ability to the potential garden or crops that you will be adding to the property. Not to mention the fact, that you can grow some aquatic plants like: watercress, water chestnuts, duck potatoes, and cattails. Yes, you can eat them. Learn more.

Having a pond on your property will bring you much joy and could, in fact, one day save your life. If you’re interested in being better prepared in case of mass tragedy, feel free to visit this site.