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Planning to Sell Your Home? Don’t Neglect Your Landscaping

When people plan to sell their homes, they get everything cleaned up, maybe repaint the interior spaces, and repair any damage within the walls of the home. But not everyone thinks to manage their landscaping. While most people know curb appeal is important, many don’t realize what they need to do to ensure the home makes its best first impression.

To help you make sure your landscape and garden spaces are in the best shape possible, consider the following tips.

Planning to Sell Your Home? Don’t Neglect Your Landscaping

Make the Front Door Pop

The front door is a focal point, and it should be as inviting as possible. To help draw attention to the area, consider giving it some personality with a pop of color. Choosing red adds personality while maintaining a classic feel, though other colors can work just as well. Consider the color of your siding and surrounding landscaping and use them as a guide to help find an appropriate complement.

You also want to make sure your landscaping doesn’t obscure the front door. Cut back or remove any plants or trees that prevent the door from being visible. This not only makes the entrance more attractive, but it also keeps the space safer.

Create Symmetry

Most people find symmetry more attractive than imbalance, and that can apply to your landscaping too. Make sure any plants near the front door feel balanced. Whether you replicate the same choices on both sides or use size and shape to create an even feel, make sure it feels comfortable to the eye.

Bring in the Light

While this may be less relevant in some areas of the country, if there is a chance potential buyers will view your home at night (or dusk) consider adding some lighting. This makes the front space feel warmer and more inviting even in low light conditions. Though wired lighting will be brighter, solar lighting can be added without any complex installation. This makes it an ideal choice when a solution is needed quickly.

Refresh Garden Beds

Different plants flourish during varying times of the year. That means garden beds that look great in the spring or summer may feel lacking during the fall or winter. If you are planning to sell your home, make sure your garden beds look their best by adding some seasonally appropriate plants to bring life to the area. If you have the right plants in place, be sure to prune and shape plants, and pull any weeds. That way everything will look picture perfect for buyers.

Manage the Grass

If you have a grass lawn, then take the time to get it into the best shape possible. Mow it regularly to help keep grass at the ideal height and add additional seed early on if you have bald spots. If your lawn can’t be recovered before you intend to sell, you may need to invest in sod to speed up the process.

It is important to remember that the curb appeal of the home will affect its appraised value. This can be critical for buyers working with a mortgage broker, as the appraisal effects whether they can secure the necessary loan. By taking the time to manage the exterior spaces, you can ensure you home is worth as much as possible so you can get the highest price available.