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Ideas for a Great Looking Backyard Basketball Court

Cannot get enough of basketball?  Well then perhaps it is time to consider replacing that old flower garden, for which you don’t have time anyway, with a mini backyard basketball court.  Basketball is one of the best family sports to enjoy since this sport has so many health benefits for your body.  When you enjoy regular basketball games you get a good cardio workout which is great for managing body weight, reducing the chances of chronic diseases like diabetes and heart conditions and the outdoorsy game is also great for reducing the chances of getting depression.  A backyard basketball court can also save you a lot of money since you will no longer have to care for a lawn and the space can be used for a variety of other activities like rollerblading.  If you have been pondering with the idea of a very own basketball court then our present health obsessed time is the best time to roll up those sleeves and to get to construction.

Ideas for a Great Looking Backyard Basketball Court

Ideas for a great looking basketball court

Basketball courts are quite basic.  They involve a large portion of concrete or hardwood flooring, some paneling to indicate measurements and of course a basketball hoop.  Here are a few ideas to make your basketball court pop and look amazing:

Paint that concrete bright – Most home basketball courts consist of just a concrete base.  While a concrete slab is probably all you need to enjoy the game a little color cannot hurt.  In fact bright colors can make your basketball court look amazing and will make playing much more effective since you can navigate your position and distances much easier.  Go for bright colors that match your lawn like a brilliant orange, navy blue or vibrant red.

Get good quality gear – The right basketball gear can improve your game a lot.  Using a bad quality ball is like wearing shoes that are too big… It’s all floppy and flappy and just doesn’t feel right.  You can check out some reviews on the best outdoor basketballs on BBallWorld.  This terrific site gives you plenty of basketball tips and the latest info on all of the best basketball sports gear. 

Consider roofing – If you live in a particularly hot area then roofing might be a good solution.  You can enjoy games in the shade and you optimize your basketball court because it can also be a handy barbecue area or event location.

Setup an outdoor storage unit – The last thing you want when you are in the mood for a game is to go on a treasure hunt for the basketball or basketball gear in the garage.  Keep everything about this fun sport together by setting up an outdoor storage unit next to the field.  You can use the storage unit for seating and to stock away some towels, a basketball and any other gear you may want to use. 

Fencing can be good – A good fence around your court will keep pets of your cement and can aid in play since the ball cannot get away that easily.