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How to Protect Plants from the Cold

Getting through cold weather, or the winter, can be quite a challenge for people as well as plants. It is not only important for us to keep warm during such times, but to also protect our plants from the cold. In this article, we will start off by focusing on how to protect plants from the cold. Without protecting the plants from the cold, they could end up dying due to frost bite, or become less productive if they are fruit plants or something similar. How do we protect plants from the cold?

Bring potted plants indoors

This should be the first thing for you to do the moment that there is a change in weather. Potted plants or hanging baskets can be brought into the house, preferably a sun room, or in a room near the windows to give the plants, not only light, but heat in case there is some sunlight. Do not put them too close to the windows as the cold temperatures might be able to come through the windows and affect the plants.

Apply a layer of mulch

The importance of mulching is the fact that it acts as an insulator, retaining both heat and moisture in the soil. This is important because at times it is not the cold temperature that damages the plants, but the freeze cycle that affects the soil. Two to three inches of mulch will keep the soil in check. Mulch prevents he soils from heating or cooling off to quickly.

Cover your plants

You can cover your plants using an old blanket or cloth. Just make sure that the cloth doesn’t touch the leaves or branches of the plant, and in the day time, remove the cloth so that the plan can get oxygen and light.

Build a cold frame or greenhouse

A greenhouse is yet another way to protect your plants from the cold. When building one, you need to take light into consideration by choosing a material that lets light pass through. You’ll also want to make sure that the ventilation is right, such that during the cold weather, you can block out the cold, and during the hot weather, you can open up the ventilation to prevent the plants from overheating, and to prevent too much moisture from building up inside.

Water your plants

Watering the plants heavily prior to a cold night is important because it helps the soil to trap heat better than when it’s dry. Do not water the plants if there will be icy since this could make it worse for the plants. Also avoid watering the soil around succulents heavily because the moisture levels will be too high.

How to Protect Plants from the Cold

Best Wool Hunting Coats

Having talked about protecting plants from cold, it is now time to think of ourselves. It is equally important for people to keep warm during cold weather, and that is why we are going to review some of the best wool hunting coats. These reviews will make it easier for you to choose a hunting jacket the next time that you’re out shopping for one.

Woolrich Classic Hunt Jacket

Having its origins in the 1800’s, this is still one of the most popular hunting jackets today. It has a rugged wool blend that will keep you warm in the coldest of weathers. It also sheds off water while the tight weave prevents the winds from penetrating. It comes with a two-piece sleeve to make it roomier; knit storm cuffs in sleeves; four outer snap pockets, plus hand-warmer pockets and an internal security pocket. This jacket also comes with a back stowage pocket that was originally designed to put game in. An under-collar tab prevents the cold from penetrating, and the jacket also comes with fully lined body and sleeves. The button front is covered by storm flap in this 80% wool/20% nylon. Imported hunting jacket that can also be machine washed.


  • 80% Wool, 20% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Button closure
  • Machine Wash
  • Vintage six-pocket front
  • Oversized weather protection collar with tab
  • Covered button front placket

Legendary Whitetails: The Outdoorsman Buffalo Jacket

This jacket comes with a beefy wool blend that keeps out the cold in the fiercest winter weather. It has a fully lined body with thick, soft sherpa., as well as sleeves made of quilted satin for easy wearing. It also comes with adjustable two-button cuffs, hand-warmer pockets, and an antique brass zipper. This jacket can only be dry cleaned.


  • Fully lined body with soft sherpa
  • Quilted satin insulated sleeves and two button cuffs
  • Full front antique brass zipper closure
  • Hand-warmer pockets and side vents
  • Embroidered Signature Buck on pocket flap

Woolrich Charley Brown Jacket

This jacket comes with a vintage pattern from the Woolrich archives and a wind-resistant wool blend that is woven in their Pennsylvania Woolen mill. The charley brown symbolizes the classic outdoor heritage. The jacket has a wool shell that is washable and lined with warm polyester/acrylic sherpa, and insulated with 60 grams of microfiber insulation. The upper chest pockets have button-closure flaps, while the hand warmer pockets are easily accessible. On the inside, there is a security pocket that comes with a mobile cord port on the left, and an internal button-through utility pocket on the right.


  • 80% Wool, 20% Nylon
  • Imported
  • Machine Wash
  • Heritage style with vintage wool pattern
  • Classic fit; drapes loosely over body for every day comfort
  • Upper chest pockets with button closure
  • Right internal button-through utility pocket
  • Center back length: 29 inch

Walker & Hawkes Hunting Jacket

The internal padded Lining is 100% Polyester, and this ensures that you’re protected even in the fiercest weather. The internal lining comes with a diamond quilted pattern, while the inner sleeves have woolen cuffs for enhanced comfort and wind protection. The outer jacket is made from 60% Wool, 25% Polyester 11% Acrylic and 4% composed of other fibres, and it has extra seams from the top of the shoulder and arms making it stronger and longer lasting. Other features include 2 hand warmer pockets, two bellow front pockets, one inside zipped pocket, 2-way brass heavy duty zip, detachable neck flap and moleskin trimming around the collar and pockets. It comes with a tweed that has been treated with Teflon to protect the fabric, even against oil and water based stains. It comes with a breathable membrane between the fabric and lining, making it waterproof. The membrane lets the body perspiration out to the outer surface, while remaining waterproof and protecting against the worst weather conditions.


  • Quilted Padded Lining
  • Breathable Membrane
  • 2-way heavy duty zip
  • Windproof & Waterproof
  • Teflon Protected


It is important to keep warm in the cold weather, and before we think of protecting our plants from the cold, we should first think of protecting ourselves. The jackets reviewed above are the best in the league and will go a long way in ensuring that you’re warm and dry.