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Getting The Right Camping Hammock

Trying out a camping hammock as opposed to the tent is actually interesting. Most people are wired to think that when it comes to camping they have to use tents. The truth is you can get a really good experience with a camping hammock. It will give oomph to your camping experience and make it memorable. To have a great camping experience however, you have to get the best camping hammock for your needs. To get the right camping hammock, you have to know what to look for and that starts by knowing the types of camping hammocks in the market.

Getting The Right Camping Hammock
Getting The Right Camping Hammock

There are mainly four types of camping hammocks and they include:

Parachute nylon singles

As the name suggests, they are made of nylon and are very stretchable and durable. They are mainly meant for a single camper since they are small in size.

Parachute nylon doubles

They are more or less similar to the parachute nylon singles only that they are bigger and wider and hence they can accommodate two people. It will be comfortable for two people when seated but one person when comfortably sleeping. They have an extra width that makes sure that you have enough space such that your feet and shoulders are not exposed.

Ultra-light models

They are the most popular for camping since they are light weight and portable. They are great if you want to move around with them easily like if you are going for a hike or something like that. They will also give you the convenience of usage but don’t take up so much space necessarily. If reducing your backpack weight is a priority then you should consider these kinds of hammocks.

Expedition models

They are hammocks that are made using high denier nylon which is the material used in making of backpacking and camping tents. Unlike other models, expedition models are loaded with extra features such as bug nets.

After knowing the types of camping hammocks in the market, it is good to know what to look out for so that you may choose the right hammock. Some of the factors to consider include:

Material used

There are different kinds of materials that are used for hammocks. The common materials used are nylon and cotton among many other materials. Yu should bear in mind that al materials have their own pros and cons and you should explore them to make a wise decision.

Size of the hammock

Hammocks come in different sizes and the size has an effect on weight if you are planning to move around with it. If you are planning to use it more than one person, then size is a very important consideration.

Quality of the hammock

Its quality will determine its durability. The quality of a hammock is mainly influenced by the type of material used. Some materials are more durable than others. Durability will however also be determined by the frequency of usage. A hammock that is used less often is bound to last longer.