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Choosing The Right Chainsaw for Your Needs

As much as purchasing a chainsaw may seem a very simple task, it is actually daunting especially for first timers. There are many factors to consider and when you sift through information online you will realize that there are many variables that come into play. Unlike the old days, there are now many kinds of chainsaws and they improve everyday hence you need to know what you are looking for to get the right one. What is best for someone else may not be necessarily the best for you. Some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for a chainsaw include:

Choosing The Right Chainsaw for Your Needs
Choosing The Right Chainsaw for Your Needs

Guide bar length

This is the length from the tip of the chain to where it enters the housing. It is generally the active cutting area of the chainsaw. It is the cutting area that can cut wood n a single pass. The right bar length will depend on the size of the wood that you are planning to cut.  Normally the bar length should be at least 2” longer than the wood that you are planning to cut. You can however sill cut a large piece of wood with a small chainsaw in two passes. If you are planning to do light cutting, a bar length of 14” is recommended, for medium duty cutting a bar length of 16” and a bar length of 22” and above for heavy duty cutting.

If the bar length is too large, it makes it hard to handle the chainsaw which increases the chances of an injury since it is hard to create a balance.

Type of engine power

Gas chainsaws: The power of gas powered chainsaws is measures in cubic centimeters (CC) or in some cases cubic inches ( A high number basically means it has more power though that will still mean it will come with more weight. For a home, you basically need a chainsaw that has between 24cc and 46cc.

Electric chainsaws: In this case the power is measured in amps and the more the amps the more the powerful the chainsaw.

Battery powered chainsaw: In this case the power is measured in volts (V). More volts mean more power for the chainsaw. As compared to other types of chainsaws, battery powered chainsaws are the weakest and lighter and are only suitable for light cutting.


Whether you are experienced with chainsaws or not, safety is an important consideration to make. Chainsaws can be dangerous and pose a safety risk if they are not used properly. The risk is however avoidable if the right safety measures are taken.

Personal fitness/strength

This is important as it will determine your ability to hold, handle, control and manipulate the chainsaw. It will also determine your ability to create balance which is important as far as safety is concerned. You should therefore should a chainsaw that you are confident you will be able to use comfortably to make sure that you are safe and avoid injuries.

For more information on choosing the best chainsaw, go to the website that deals with chainsaws and you will get all you need.