Find Lovely Water Landscapes in The World

Have you ever heard of water landscapes before? You might have not. Mountains, hills, and beautiful valleys usually come to your mind when you hear the word ‘landscape.’ The landscape is a wider term which also includes water bodies. These are also called waterscapes in the field of photography.

There exist breath-taking water landscapes in this world. You wouldn’t believe your eyes after seeing this much beauty. You can also enjoy fishing at these places. It is difficult to find the exact place where you can catch fish. For that, there is a device that you can use to find fish. This tool is known as a fish finder. This instrument works best in shallow water.

This is a small device like a sonar which uses sound waves to detect an object. It also displays information on surroundings. The difference between sonar and fish finder is the range. Fishfinder has less range. You can enjoy dozens of benefits from this device. It enables you to make fast catches and it also allows you to find your way around the water body. You can avoid any kind of collision if you have a fish finder. Plus, this thing is ideal for the rookies.

This tool may not be very common for you. Therefore, you would have to know a bit about this in order to purchase the best fish finder. There are different types of fish finders and each type comes with exclusive features. Figure out which can do the best for you.

Once you have every tool and equipment, it is time to decide the water landscape you want to visit. We have here a list that shows some amazing water spots around the world.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia:

You would be astonished to this series of sixteen lakes. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia. These beautiful Plitvice lakes are interconnected by waterfalls. The lakes change the watercolor from green to grey, which makes it even more attractive. You can clearly see powdery limestone rock beneath the water due to the crystal clear water. This beautiful system of lakes connecting each other is a natural phenomenon. This is an eye-catching spot for nature lovers.

Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada:

Abraham Lake in winters would amaze you with its natural phenomenon where you can see frozen bubbles underneath its surface. These bubbles are actually methane gas released by plant-eating bacteria in the water. Ice bubbles make a spectacular sight. You only get to see this sight form November to march. The surface is slippery and it would a great adventure to capture this sight.

Lake Hillier, The Pink Lake in Australia:

It doesn’t really sound real that a lake can have pink water. It is true if the lake is lake hillier. It is situated on Middle Island in Western Australia. You won’t believe your eyes after seeing the water of bubblegum pink color. Scientists are mystified. They think it is due to the reaction of sea salt and sodium bicarbonate but it hasn’t been proved yet.…