The Best 4 Tools for Landscaping

The best tools can make gardening fun indefinitely! Every gardener might have different criteria as to what is the best tool and what makes it the best. The first and foremost factor is that it should be durable and sturdy. If you are a gardening maniac, then chances are you might need to work more than 21 hours in the garden and so you would require tools that can bear the stress. These tools should be ergonomically designed as well. Otherwise, you might end up with terrible hand strain and such other problems. Of course, look for the functionality of the tool as well. Is it lightweight? Can it perform multiple tasks you do not need to buy other tools?

So, what are the best tools for landscaping? Here are our top 4 picks:


A trowel might be one of your essentials when it comes to weeding or planting. However, the trowel has dull edges and can require countless efforts when digging up the soil. It fails to do the job very often, as it cannot penetrate deeply into the soil. This is why most Japanese farmers go for a stainless steel hori-hori. A Hori Hori is essentially a knife with a sharp smooth blade on one side and a serrated edge on the other. Do not be mistaken that you can replace it with a kitchen knife! These knives are made for digging so they are strong and sturdy. They can easily slice through the soil. These knives are perfect for digging, cutting weeds, planting, weeding and dividing perennials.

Pro Shovels:

Unlike normal shovels, stainless steel shovels do not get caked with mud which you then have to remove. Instead of any mud, dirt or grit easily slides off its surface. They can slide cleanly into the soil while still being lightweight. An ergonomic handle can provide you with the perfect grip. These shovels are perfect for digging, planting holes, moving soil etcetera. Whichever one you buy, just ensure it does not rot, bend or break especially in rocky places.

Speedy Sharp Sharpener:

A dull rusty set of pruning blades can make pruning hard to do. Some pruners are heavyweight and require a lot of effort. However, a speedy sharp pruner can work not only as pruners but also as loppers, Hori-hori and more. The small size of the pruners makes it easy to fit them into your pockets. Their blades are sharp as well so they easily slice through any branches you want.

Electric Chainsaw:

You might be wondering about how an electric chainsaw can help you during gardening. Well, for sturdier branches where you might feel like pruning them with your hand pruners can break them, electric chainsaws can help! Most trees have strong branches that cannot be cut through knives or pruners. Electric chainsaws work on electrical power and they can easily cut down the sturdiest of branches. If you let your trees grow too long, they can pose danger to your house. They could fall onto your house or they could break the roof or windows during storms.…