Make Your Garden Pet-Friendly to Keep Your Cat Safe When You Leave

As a pet lover, your furry friends probably mean the world to you.  We all would love to be home all the time to cuddle and take care of our beloved cats but sadly this just isn’t possible.  Everyone has to work to earn a living and you do often leave your cats behind at home so you can go shopping, visit friends and family or go on a holiday.  It is important to create a safe home environment for your pets and especially to create a pet-friendly garden before you leave so your furry friends can be perfectly safe and sound even though you are not there to protect them.  It is never a good idea to keep your cat boxed in the house all day while you are at work.  Cat’s love to explore, hunt creditors and the fresh air and plenty of exercises are incredibly important for their health.  Here are some of the best tips for creating a pet-friendly garden that will suit your outdoorsy cat perfectly.

Invest In Electrical Fencing

One of the toughest parts of having a pet cat is to keep them from exiting your property.  These furry creatures love to climb and they are so great at it too.  It is incredibly dangerous for your cat to wander the streets because they can easily get hit by a car, they are exposed to all sorts of diseases and they are vulnerable to street dogs.  Keep your cat inside the yard by installing an electric fence on top of your fence or wall.  The fact that your cat will get shocked isn’t a pleasant thought but your cat will only have to endure one or two shocks before he will learn and will never try to escape again.  These fences are also superb for keeping other cats and burglars out of your property so your cat can be perfectly safe.

Invest In an Automatic Cat Feeder

Keeping outdoors cats nourished is quite a challenge because ants and insects have a tendency to get into open air foods.  Invest in an automatic cat feeder for wet food so your cat can enjoy a delicious and healthy meal even though you are not around to feed them.  These feeders will keep the cat food fresh, they are great for portioning your cat’s food and your cat will be fed even if you have to work late and long hours.

Clean Water Is a Must

Your cat should also have access to fresh water throughout the day, especially if it is warm.  Invest in an automatic cat waterer and don’t put it next to your cat’s food as studies have shown that cats become dehydrated since they just don’t like it when water is placed next to their foods.

Shading Is a Must

Your cat needs lots of shading where he can rest and relax during those hot hours of the day.  If you don’t have shading in your yard then be sure to create some.

A Shelter

Construct a cat house in your backyard so your furry friend can have somewhere warm and safe to snuggle into if you get home late from work or during those chilly winter days.…