The Perfect Compost and Potting Soil Recipe for Your Flowering Plants

Only a real garden lover knows that feeling of satisfaction when the seedlings you planted finally blossoms into the most beautiful flowers in your garden.  Flowers are gorgeous and are the life source to so many insects and especially beautiful butterflies. Potted flowers are also glorious in and around your house because you can use the same potted flowers as décor in your garden for many years and simply move the flowers indoors on special occasions when you want to add a bit of beauty to the room.  Potted flowers also makes for terrific table centerpieces and can save you a heap of money on freshly cut flowers.  But for your flowers to look great you really need to plan your pots correct right from the start and the soil you use is the most critical factor to consider.

The Perfect Compost and Potting Soil Recipe for Your Flowering Plants

Everything is better when you have a compost maker

When you have your own compost maker you can make an endless supply of compost for the rest of your life and you are contributing to a better world because you are turning waste into good plant fuel.  Check out Ecokarma’s compost tumbler list and have a look at some of the best compost makers currently on the market.  Any one of these compost makers is a gardeners best friend and a must have for serious gardeners.

The best compost recipe for flowering plants

While you are looking for a great compost recipe you probably don’t want something that is going to be impossibly expensive or hard.  A simple recipe like this one along with a good compost tumbler makes compost making fun and simple.  Here is the best and simplest compost recipe;

  • Add brown materials like hay, straw, old leaves and saw dust to the barrel first.
  • Add some green materials like grass, manure, fruit and vegetable table scraps on top of the brown materials.
  • Repeat these layers and water as you add each layer until your compost bin is full.
  • Wait two days and mix your bin.
  • Don’t let your bin get too soggy. Check the heat of your bin to establish if there is too much moisture.

Different compost bins require different timeframes for the compost to mature but if your recipe is done right you could get a good batch of compost in just a few days.

The best potting soil recipe for seedlings

For seedlings you can mix the following recipe;

  • 5 part fine compost
  • 4 parts garden soil
  • 1-2 parts of coarse sand

The best potting soil for flowering plants

Once your seedlings have matured a bit and are ready for potting you will need to prepare this compost recipe;

  • ¼ cup of limestone
  • 4 ¼ gallons vermiculite or perlite
  • 4 ¼ gallons of homemade compost

As always you still have to follow the correct segmentation for your flower pots.  First you need to add a few large rocks followed by smaller rocks so your flower pots will drain well.  Next add your pot soil and then plant your flowers.…