Tax Returns for Landscaping Services

If you own a landscaping business or are an employee in a landscaping company, know that there are plenty of opportunities for you to claim all your landscaping works in your tax return. Since landscaping is an extremely important occupation for the beautification of all outdoor sceneries, landscapers should get something back from the government for all their hard work. Landscaping doesn’t just refer to the beautification of private gardens, but it also extends to the exterior of government buildings, parks, gardens, nurseries, golf courses, etc. It is by no means an easy job either, since landscapers are constantly working despite different weather conditions.

Tax Returns for Landscaping Services

Reporting your services on taxes

There are many ways through which you can let the government know that you’ve done them a good service and that they should give you something in return for all your hard work. Landscaping includes a variety of services, such as cultivating and pruning vegetables, fruits, and trees, weeding, brush removal, mowing, and applying pesticides.

In the case of claiming taxes on services done for businesses or home owners, keep in mind that if you sell them something that you bought directly after you’ve bought it, then you will not have to pay taxes for that, and that can be done using the resellers permit. Items such as potted plants, fertilizer, paving stones, sod, mulch, etc. fall into this category. Even if you install all these items into their garden or lawn, these aren’t taxable.

On the other hand, if you work on public property, such as within the road used by the public, then you need to report the income that you earn from such jobs under the classification of public road construction. Retail sales taxes cannot be collected on these services. You will need to pay sales taxes on the items and materials that you use for the job. If you work in areas such as public parks, then you will have to report it under the retailing classification of B&O. In this case, however, the materials that you use for the job will not be taxed, once again, with the use of a reseller permit.

If you perform horticultural services for farmers, you cannot collect sales tax for those services. Additionally, you will also have to pay sales taxes for all the materials and things that you will have to purchase for this job. However, there is an exception, the only way in which you can be exempted from taxes for all the things that you buy for the horticulture job is by making the farmer pay for them separately. Of course, you will need to have a receipt for that as well. In that case, that is, when you’ve billed the farmer, you can then purchase all the necessary farm materials with a reseller permit without needing to pay taxes on any of them.

There are a lot of other specific details that you will need to pay attention to when filing your taxes. To learn more about them, read