Getting The Best and Affordable Home Insurance

In the recent age, insurance is mandatory. Good thing is that there’s insurance for almost everything, you even insure your home and not only your home but your garden too. There a rise in the number of insurance policies and they have been tailored to meet different needs. Because of the many insurance policies in the market, it may be confusing to know what the best cover is for you. Some of the factors that you should always keep in mind when looking for a home insurance policy includes:

Define your needs

It is only by defining your needs that you will be able to know what will be the best suitable for you. Different people have different needs and thus you should define yours. This will involve knowing what is in your home and what you will want to be covered, when it comes to home insurance it’s not all about covering the cost of rebuilding the house but also the contents of the home.

Know the terms of the policy

Knowing the terms of the policy will help you know if you are getting a raw deal or not. It is a surprise that not all people know exactly what is covered in their policy. When you know the terms of the policy, you will be able to know if you are getting value for your money or not. Before signing up for a policy therefore, you need to understand the terms of the policy.

Beware of mortgage brokers

Even though most people avoid brokers and prefer to stick to mainstream channels such as banks and building societies, you may actually get a good deal from brokers especially of you want an insurance tied to your mortgage. This will help you to unnecessarily pay more while you could pay less.

Get estimates of your value

When you know your value, you will be able to know the premiums that you should be paying. It is therefore important that you get accurate estimates of both the rebuild cost of your home and replacement costs in case of anything. This will help you to choose a policy that will best suit your needs. If you know your value it makes it easy for insurers as they use this to calculate the premiums to determine how much you should actually pay.

Be keen on yearly increments

Most of the time, home insurance policies will increase annually due to the rebuild costs that are assumed to increase annually. You should be keen on those increments so that it does not take you by surprise. Good thing is that you can always ask your provider for details and clarification.

Ask! Ask! Ask!

When it comes to a cover, do not be afraid to ask for more, you may be surprised that you can actually get more for the same amount of premiums. For instance with a home insurance cover you can ask for your garden to be covered, freezer contents and water leaks among many others.…

No Mess Tips for Transporting Plants inside Your Car

A trip to the nursery is one of the most exciting expeditions for garden enthusiasts.  Scanning through shelves and shelves of beautiful plants, flowers and garden accessories is absolutely glorious.  These trips are great for inspiring new ideas for your garden layout and it is basically impossible to leave a beautiful nursery without adding a few new garden plants to your collection.  But taking your newly acquired plants home is usually quite a mess.  In fact, transporting garden ware inside a vehicle is always a challenge.  Here are a few tips to help you transport plants inside your car without any of the mess.

Get a car boot tray

A car boot tray is one of the best accessories to get for your vehicle is you are constantly hauling a lot of plants and other stuff in your car.  These plastic trays will keep garden plants and soil from ruining your upholstery and carpets.  The trays will capture any dirt, water or other messes so you never have to deal with the mess again.  

Get a plastic container

If your car doesn’t have a suitable boot for a boot tray or to transport plants then you can also consider a smaller plastic container like a storage container.  Prop it on the seat and tie it down with a seatbelt or simply stack it at the foot compartment of the vehicle.  A container with raised sides will keep your plants from falling over and will keep the mess from spilling into your car.

Rubber boot mat

Another good alternative is to get a rubber boot mat for your car.  Rubber is easy to clean off and these mats are much easier to customize according to your vehicle’s size.  They are also incredibly easy to get in and out of the car for cleaning.

Get a universal car boot liner

This is another superb alternative that is a lot more affordable than boot mats and boot trays.  The boot liner has raised sides and can be tied inside of your vehicle.  The liner is semi-waterproof and will keep your car clean even if those garden plants are still a bit wet.

Invest in a few car straps

Of course, you don’t want your expensive and beautiful garden plants to roll around in the car.  They will definitely get damaged and the cleanup is unnecessary.  A car strap is a handy tool that can help you tie down plants and these straps have multiple other uses that can get you out of trouble if you are on the go.

Car insurance clears up all the other messes

Another good idea is to get auto insurance.  Accidents happen all the time, at any time.  It is relatively easy and affordable to keep the inside of your car clean and stain-free but bumps and accidents on the outside are incredibly costly – unless of course, you have car insurance. is an amazing site where you can request local auto insurance quotes so you can easily spot the best and most affordable car insurance premiums.…