How To Create A Mini Garden Inside Your House

Plants can refresh your mind. Sending time with them can really make you a happier person on the inside. If your house does not have patios or outdoor garden, don’t worry! As you can create your very own mini indoor garden within the four walls of your house, even if your house has a small living space. This all depends upon the creativity that you put in while planning an indoor garden. You can either dedicate a room to the garden or utilize some empty spaces in your house for the plants.

Following are some steps, which might prove helpful for you in creating an indoor mini garden:

Select a suitable room

Choosing the right space for your indoor garden is the first and foremost step. You can choose storeroom or laundry for this purpose. The room must have windows. You need to give the room a complete makeover. Paint the walls and renovate some parts of the room like a roof, which needs mending.

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Give suitable conditions

  • It is necessary that all of your plants get light (not necessarily sunlight). The temperature of the room should not be too cold. Normally the plants grow at the temperature ranging from 24 to 29-degree Celsius. To maintaining this temperature you can buy soil heating mats that are made to heat the pots from the bottom in order to maintain the temperature.
  • Water your plants daily. It can be a tough task so you can install a drip system that can water plants through small tubes at a particular
  • To ensure that all plants get light, you can also use fluorescent tubes or heat lamps for plants.

Choose your plants

You cannot grow all types of plants in your house. You can grow vegetables, herbs, some fruits, flowers, berries, et cetera. Some popular plants that can grow in indoor gardens are lettuce, strawberries, lilies, mushrooms, oregano, coriander, thyme, parsley, peas, roses, and cactus.

Buy containers for the plants

You will need containers in which you can grow plants now because you are doing indoor gardening, you can choose a number of types of containers.…

How to Start Your Indoor Garden

People, oblivious to the significance of a garden, are more concerned about the inside of the house. They leave no stone unturned to have their house look incredible. In addition, some folks who love gardens tend to face winter storms that ruin the plants. To overcome this, you can start an indoor garden rather than totally giving up on it.

You might not realize the fact that gardens are as important as roofing of a house. Plants can help you stay away from illness as roof keeps all your stuff protected from rain, snow, sun, and hail. Always keep a check on your roofing because no matter how good it looks but it can get you in the situation at any time, particularly when it is not installed properly. Keep a roofing contractor’s number handy because even a minor flaw can become destructive.

How to Start Your Indoor Garden

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Let’s get back to the indoor garden. It is different from outdoor gardening as indoor plants do not get direct sunlight. Read on and find out how you can get started with an indoor garden:

Select your plants and pick the seeds:

You will get plenty of seeds from home and garden centers, but there is a wider selection if you order them online.  As some less popular plants are not available in stores, so you can start with seeds. Choose something different than easy-to-find radishes or roses.

Seeds help you get a plant you want without spending extra money because seeds are cheaper than plants. Plant them in some suitable container. You can swap the sprouts with friends when winters are gone, and you can transplant them outdoors.

Make or buy containers:

The best thing about indoor plantation is that you can make good containers from a number of items at home. Bring empty yogurt cups to use. They are a perfect size. You can also make a container out of a newspaper by just wrapping it around 2 and a half inch dowel. Create a bottom by pressing the lower ends of the paper. Remove the dowel, and your newspaper cup is ready. Transplanting is easy with it since the paper container is biodegradable. The container should let excess water drain out because roots rot in excess water.

Pick a spot for the garden:

Choose a convenient spot in your house for a garden. It is better to start the seed at some warm location because first-planted seeds need heat more than light.…