Have your Gardening Company? – Here Is Why You Should Also Own a Gun

Gardening and landscaping businesses are some of the best companies to start because the work is great and you don’t need a lot of capital to start this type of business.  You also get to travel a lot, meet new people all the time and every garden project you take on is a new challenge.  But even this type of business isn’t always the safest company to start.  Gardening is one of the world’s most dangerous jobs and not just because of the dangerous gardening tools that you work with on a daily basis.

If you have your own gardening and landscaping company then it can be good to start considering to owning a weapon because these types of businesses often fall victim to crime.  Here are the top reasons why you should consider a gun when you run a gardening company.

Have your Gardening Company? – Here Is Why You Should Also Own a Gun
Have your Gardening Company? – Here Is Why You Should Also Own a Gun

Stay safe from aggressive pets

As a gardener, you will be entering plenty of different properties on a daily basis.  Plenty of homeowners invest in guard dogs to enhance their home’s security.  Guard dogs can be life-threatening to gardeners because your gardening team is often seen as an intruder by these security pets.  Plenty of gardeners get attacked by vicious guard dogs each and every year.  A gun at your side can give you the needed protection against an aggressive guard dog when the owner failed to take the correct safety precautions during your scheduled services.

Stay safe from robberies

Gardening businesses often deal with a lot of cash because plenty of homeowners pay in cash.  It is always dangerous to travel around with a lot of cash in your vehicle.  Keep a weapon at your side while you are doing business and traveling with a lot of cash so you can keep your company from being targeted and so you can stay safe while you are constantly on the go.

Stay safe from hijacking

As a gardener, you are constantly traveling between gardens each and every day.  This puts you at a much higher risk for hijackings.  A weapon gives you that extra leverage in these terrible circumstances and might just wear off the entire hijacking and help you save your vehicle and your company.

Good for general safety

Disputes with property owners are bound to happen at one point or another and these disputes can get out of hand pretty quickly if you are dealing with an aggressive homeowner.  With a weapon, you can keep yourself safe during these disputes.

A good gun safe is a must

If you do decide to get a weapon to keep your business safe then you will also need a way to stash your weapon safely as you travel about and work.  On Gun-safe.co you can check out some of the best gun safes on the market.  You can shop for small mobile gun safes or even get a gun safe that can be installed into your vehicle permanently. …

Types of Digital Advertising You Should Be Using For Your Gardening Company

The internet is absolutely buzzing these days which makes it quite hard for viewers to actually ‘see’ your adverts online.  Despite the buzz, it is still one of the best places to market your gardening and landscaping business because it is much easier to reach a greater target audience and to actually reach people in their homes so they will take note of your services.  Digital advertising is also the best ways to market specials or discounted deals and to the public since it is much more affordable than printing.

Types of Digital Advertising You Should Be Using For Your Gardening Company

Different types of digital advertising you should be using

There are quite a lot of different types of digital advertising methods out there.  The most successful digital adverts you can create includes the following;

Banner adsBanner Ads entails creating a banner advert on other websites or blogs that links back to your website when someone clicks on these ads.  Careful consideration needs to be taken when creating banner ads because your banner add should be captivating, should contain useful information and should include a call-to-action function that will lure the client back to your site.  The banner ad should also be appealing and flashy in order to capture someone’s eye.

AdSense – AdSense is a Google advertising placement service.  This service can be used to promote your gardening and landscaping company because videos and images are promoted to anyone that search relevant targeted text and you can also earn from AdSense because money is generated based on the number of clicks you get for these adverts.

Email advertising – You are probably not too big a fan of junk mail or span email but email advertising does have some huge marketing benefits to your company.  With email advertising you can notify current clients of all of your latest deals or you can inform new prospective clients of your business and services. Email advertising is easy to use and is basically free.

Native Advertising – There are several different ways to do native advertising but this form of advertising is mostly defined as a form of advertising that matches the platform on which it appears.  In blogging, for example, it would be a reference link back to your site on a similar website such as a landscaping blog.  In a picture it would be a photograph of someone in one of your maintained gardens.

Facebook Ads – Facebook is of course one of the best ways to promote digitally since it has the most users.  Facebook ads are easy to look at, easy to like and easy to share and each response you get is immediately promoted to other Facebook users.

Blogging Blogging is a great way to show more people your terrific services and to explain certain services better. You can use a blog to feature articles, videos, and adverts or even to generate an extra income by sharing advertising space in the form of banner ads, pop-up ads or even guest posts on your popular gardening and landscaping blog.…