Top Reasons to Get a Baby Swing for the Garden and For Home

The expression “sleep like a baby” couldn’t be more off the mark.  Babies don’t sleep like a baby.  Newborns and babies with colic can scream for hours on end and even healthy, good sleepers can wake up to five times during the night.  It’s hard to get your little one to sleep better at night and to be more awake during the day and for some babies sleep just doesn’t come easily.  They lie awake for a long time and struggle to fall asleep.  A baby swing in the garden and in the house is just what you need to get your baby to sleep better and faster.

Benefits of swinging to babies

Swinging a baby has a lot of terrific benefits.  Swinging is great for soothing a baby when they are cramping up or struggling with colic.  The swinging motion is also great to help babies fall asleep much faster and it gives mom a chance to do something else while baby swings.  Babies also learn a lot while swinging.

Top Reasons to Get a Baby Swing for the Garden and For Home

Why you need a baby swing for the garden

Babies love to be outside.  They love to look at the lights reflecting through the leaves of the tree, to have a look around the garden and the fresh air is great for them.  A garden or hammock swing will give your baby the chance to explore the world around him so he or she can learn and develop.  Garden swings are also great for playing and interacting with baby as you push him or her around.

Why you need an indoor baby swing

When it is nap time you can rock your baby to sleep much quicker in a swing.  Mom will still have her hands free to make dinner, clean or get things ready for the next day and baby gets great relief from winds and aches while the swing soothes him or her.  Electronic swings will even do all the rocking for you and is a must if your baby is still too small to bounce or rock by himself.  These swings are terrific for babies that suffer from colic because the consistent swinging motion gives great relief from the craping and aching so your baby can finally get some shut eye.

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Remember to alternate

It is recommended to never leave your baby in a swing for longer than 30 minutes at a time.  This is because the swing will restrict movement and your baby needs to be able to move around a lot to develop strong muscles.  Your baby should also be frequently rotated to prevent him or her from getting a flat head and most swings are designed for back sleeping only.…