Use Your Backyard to Build An Archery Range!

Practice, practice, practice! We all know it is a key to win no matter what kind of sport it is. Practice makes you well aware of all your weaknesses and flaws that you need to work on before your first play. All this go for archery as well. You need to practice to test your tools, your skills, and shooting form. Unlike the other sports, it is difficult for bowhunters to find a place where they can safely hurl a few arrows. You might not find a place near your home to practice but you can use your backyard to make a place of your own.

The thing to do before target position:

Before you bring out the targets, check the laws in our community regarding archery. In some cities, it is legal and other places are restricted to perform any such act in the backyard.

Once you know it is legal, you can get started. You don’t need some huge place for the archery range. Small backyards can work as well. However, it shouldn’t be so small that you cannot set up at least two targets. A place of about 15 to 20 yard would be enough.

When you are setting the target, make sure you keep something behind the target so that a stray arrow can be stopped. It could be dirt pile, berm or clay bank. You can now place the target in front of the backstop. You can avail other option as well to avoid losing the arrow.

Target position:

Now you have established a backstop, the next thing you have to do is moving targets in position. You would find a variety of portable targets available for backyard archery. If you intend to spend lots of your time in practice, you better go for multi-sided targets. It is a smart choice as they have different faces so that you can aim from various points. Set the multiple targets at various range. It would help you to estimate the distance.

For the first days of practice, keep the distance for 10 yards. This is good for the start, you can extend it later for more practice.

Create realistic hunting situation:

The real games would be different from the one in your backyard. Therefore, you need to make it look real. Try using tree stand where you can sit and aim at the targets in the range. Try other things of your choice as well.

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