How to Keep Skunks Away from Your Garden

When you see skunks for the first time, you cannot help but feel in awe because they are cute creatures. You do know however that once skunks spray you, it will be hard for you to get rid of the smell for days. Skunks can eat a lot of different items. They can eat other living creatures and they can eat other fruits and vegetables as well.

They may look cute but they can do a lot of damage to your garden that you would like to improve. If in case you are feeling a bit confused about what you have to do, remember that knowing what keep skunks away can always be effective. Here are more things that you have to do:

How You Can Discover Your Artistic Side

  1. Observe where the skunks usually get access to food and eliminate those food sources. If you know that the skunk always gets some fruits from your tree, you may create a fence that will discourage the skunk from entering. If you have some berries, you may also add some netting so skunks will not be able to get them. It may be enough to drive them away because if they do not get fed, they search for other sources.
  2. If there is some rotten food products scattered all over your home, get rid of these products. If they are biodegradable, you can use them as fertilizers so bury them in various parts of your garden but if you have no use for them, dispose them properly.
  3. Get rid of the bugs that may be found in your garden. Of course, you do not want to get rid of some insects that will be good for your garden. You need to make sure that you will only get rid of those that skunks usually eat. The more that you lessen their food sources, the more that they will not bother your garden.
  4. Have some traps for skunks that visit your garden often. Remember that the traps you are going to make should not harm skunks in any way. It is best to contact a pest control company that will be in charge of placing the skunks in places where they rightfully belong.
  5. Have some fox urine scent available. Skunks are intimidated by fox and if they smell fox urine, they would most likely stay away.
  6. Get to know some of the plants that will help get rid of skunks. There are a lot of skunks that love squash but will hate their leaves with passion. The leaves of squash may have little hair that can irritate the skunk.
  7. Mothballs can be very effective in repelling skunks. You can expect that skunks will naturally smell mothballs because they have a great sense of smell. They do not like the scent and they would rather go someplace wherein they are not irritated.

Can you still think of other tips that will help get rid of skunks in your garden? Remember to avoid getting sprayed by skunks and hiring professionals may still be the best choice available.…

Top Reasons to Get a Baby Swing for the Garden and For Home

The expression “sleep like a baby” couldn’t be more off the mark.  Babies don’t sleep like a baby.  Newborns and babies with colic can scream for hours on end and even healthy, good sleepers can wake up to five times during the night.  It’s hard to get your little one to sleep better at night and to be more awake during the day and for some babies sleep just doesn’t come easily.  They lie awake for a long time and struggle to fall asleep.  A baby swing in the garden and in the house is just what you need to get your baby to sleep better and faster.

Benefits of swinging to babies

Swinging a baby has a lot of terrific benefits.  Swinging is great for soothing a baby when they are cramping up or struggling with colic.  The swinging motion is also great to help babies fall asleep much faster and it gives mom a chance to do something else while baby swings.  Babies also learn a lot while swinging.

Top Reasons to Get a Baby Swing for the Garden and For Home

Why you need a baby swing for the garden

Babies love to be outside.  They love to look at the lights reflecting through the leaves of the tree, to have a look around the garden and the fresh air is great for them.  A garden or hammock swing will give your baby the chance to explore the world around him so he or she can learn and develop.  Garden swings are also great for playing and interacting with baby as you push him or her around.

Why you need an indoor baby swing

When it is nap time you can rock your baby to sleep much quicker in a swing.  Mom will still have her hands free to make dinner, clean or get things ready for the next day and baby gets great relief from winds and aches while the swing soothes him or her.  Electronic swings will even do all the rocking for you and is a must if your baby is still too small to bounce or rock by himself.  These swings are terrific for babies that suffer from colic because the consistent swinging motion gives great relief from the craping and aching so your baby can finally get some shut eye.

Get the best swings here

Baby Swing Center is the best place to find out all there is to know about fantastic baby swings. The website has lots of baby swing reviews where the pros, cons, price and functionality of the swings are discussed so you can find the best possible swings for your home.

Remember to alternate

It is recommended to never leave your baby in a swing for longer than 30 minutes at a time.  This is because the swing will restrict movement and your baby needs to be able to move around a lot to develop strong muscles.  Your baby should also be frequently rotated to prevent him or her from getting a flat head and most swings are designed for back sleeping only.…

Responsible Irrigation for Your Landscaping Needs

When you start planning your landscape designs, irrigation should come to the forefront of thought. Unless you plan on self-watering all your plants, you will need some sort of system built in. The great thing about planning your irrigation layout is that you can be responsible with your water usage.

If you have paid any attention to the news, you are certainly aware of the decline in water availability due to drought and pollution. Therefore, learning some responsible irrigation techniques is highly advisable.

While you are welcome to read about water softener reviews and comparisons on, you might also want to consider rainwater. The water softeners will be great for your iron and sulfur content. But, knowing how to employ free water, rainwater, will be ever more valuable for your irrigation needs.

Responsible Irrigation for Your Landscaping Needs

Using Rainwater for Irrigation

Before you can use rainwater for irrigation you are going to have to understand how to capture the rain water. They call this rainwater harvesting, and there are some specific steps you should consider to begin the process of responsible irrigation for your landscaping needs. Here are some of those steps:

  1. Determine what you will do with the rainwater- Knowing why you are collecting rainwater will help you design the proper harvesting apparatus. Since you will probably not need it for all your water uses (indoor and out) you should be able to guestimate how much you will need.
  2. Decide how much you can harvest- Theoretically .62 gallons can be captured by a square foot of collection surface per inch of rainfall. However, that would only be the case if none splashed out, evaporated, overshot, or leaked. Besides, once the container is full you will lose a lot to overflow. Most people assume that they’ll get 75-90% efficiency out of their storage units. Read this to learn about rainwater storage.
  3. Consider the collection surface– In the simplest terms possible, this is the length times the width of your roof if you have gutters all around. Otherwise it is only the area that is drained by gutters.
  4. Estimate the demand– You will have to determine how much rain you will get and plan for the months that will be dryer. Since the highest usage of water is for irrigation purposes, consider employing native plants and even some xeriscaping in your landscape designs.

Now that you kind of have an idea how to collect and calculate the amount of water you will retrieve from rainwater harvesting, it is time to really think about how you will irrigate your property.  Simple rainwater harvesting systems will employ the use of the rainwater instantly. You see those types of systems via basins, berms, and French drains. In more complex designs you will find gates, diverters, perforated pipes, and drip irrigation. Learn more.

When you consider creating your irrigation, take the time to note the property’s natural irrigation tendencies. You can see where water accumulates and the areas in which more water is needed. Rainwater from the roof can be redirected to the drier spots by extended down spouts and pipes.…

Planning to Sell Your Home? Don’t Neglect Your Landscaping

When people plan to sell their homes, they get everything cleaned up, maybe repaint the interior spaces, and repair any damage within the walls of the home. But not everyone thinks to manage their landscaping. While most people know curb appeal is important, many don’t realize what they need to do to ensure the home makes its best first impression.

To help you make sure your landscape and garden spaces are in the best shape possible, consider the following tips.

Planning to Sell Your Home? Don’t Neglect Your Landscaping

Make the Front Door Pop

The front door is a focal point, and it should be as inviting as possible. To help draw attention to the area, consider giving it some personality with a pop of color. Choosing red adds personality while maintaining a classic feel, though other colors can work just as well. Consider the color of your siding and surrounding landscaping and use them as a guide to help find an appropriate complement.

You also want to make sure your landscaping doesn’t obscure the front door. Cut back or remove any plants or trees that prevent the door from being visible. This not only makes the entrance more attractive, but it also keeps the space safer.

Create Symmetry

Most people find symmetry more attractive than imbalance, and that can apply to your landscaping too. Make sure any plants near the front door feel balanced. Whether you replicate the same choices on both sides or use size and shape to create an even feel, make sure it feels comfortable to the eye.

Bring in the Light

While this may be less relevant in some areas of the country, if there is a chance potential buyers will view your home at night (or dusk) consider adding some lighting. This makes the front space feel warmer and more inviting even in low light conditions. Though wired lighting will be brighter, solar lighting can be added without any complex installation. This makes it an ideal choice when a solution is needed quickly.

Refresh Garden Beds

Different plants flourish during varying times of the year. That means garden beds that look great in the spring or summer may feel lacking during the fall or winter. If you are planning to sell your home, make sure your garden beds look their best by adding some seasonally appropriate plants to bring life to the area. If you have the right plants in place, be sure to prune and shape plants, and pull any weeds. That way everything will look picture perfect for buyers.

Manage the Grass

If you have a grass lawn, then take the time to get it into the best shape possible. Mow it regularly to help keep grass at the ideal height and add additional seed early on if you have bald spots. If your lawn can’t be recovered before you intend to sell, you may need to invest in sod to speed up the process.

It is important to remember that the curb appeal of the home will affect its appraised value.…

Payroll Services for Landscapers

Landscaping is very important, as it is what allows us to maintain the external environment for everything, from government offices to private homes. If you’re a landscaper or want to start your own landscaping company, you should already know just how dangerous the job can also be, since landscapers have to work in all sorts of weather and also because they’re constantly in contact with pesticides and chemicals all the time. Not to mention, they also have to handle power tools, which is also something that can easily make an ordinary job a lot more difficult.

Payroll Services for Landscapers

Landscaping and payroll

Now that you know what a dangerous job landscaping really is, you will realize just how important it is for the landscapers to get paid on time. Monetary compensation is the only reason, aside from their love for nature perhaps, that motivates them to continue working in extreme weather conditions and causes them to handle dangerous power tools.

That said, if the employees can’t be kept happy, then if you’re an owner of a landscaping company, or even if you’re just an employee yourself, you’ll know that worker dissatisfaction will rise, which can easily cause many of them to become demotivated or to even quit their jobs. So yes, getting paid properly and on time is of utmost importance, and the only way a landscaping company would be able to achieve that is by properly maintaining their payroll.

Payroll services ensure that everything that an employee gets, not only their salary but also their benefits and bonuses, are recorded this is important because not only does an employee finds out how much he/she is worth in a company, but it also keeps track of a company’s expenditure on their employees, as that could eventually be extremely beneficial during the tax season.

If the taxes are filed in improperly, then the company may have to pay huge fines, or in some cases, may even go bankrupt. In order to ensure that the taxes are filed in properly, the payroll pays a huge role in that, since the amount spent on the employees is also an expenditure of some sorts that needs to be recoded properly. The company needs to have a budget planned out for the employees, so that they’re not caught unawares when they look back at their expenditures. This also ensures that they’re on the right track and that they’re not spending more than they have earned, as that could easily turn into chaos and cause the business to make a loss.

For a company, it is important to record everything. The use of payroll software has simplified the process in many ways, since the input process has become much easier, making it a lot more convenient to calculate the employees’ salaries and bonuses. Additionally, it presents all the data in an orderly fashion, which makes it simpler to organize and go through when the data is later required.

If you want to know more about payroll services, read

Considering Bookkeeping for Gardening Businesses

At first glance, the terms ‘gardening and ‘bookkeeping’ may not seem to fit together. In fact, gardeners of olden times preferred not to make their simple life too complicated by keeping professional records of their responsibilities. However, times have changed and the importance of bookkeeping is paramount. Nowadays, many experienced gardeners choose to go to the business side, and thus, require effective bookkeeping to keep a track of things. Those who find bookkeeping for a gardening business to be an arduous task will be glad to know about bookkeepers who even specialize in gardening bookkeeping.

Considering Bookkeeping for Gardening Businesses

Introduction to bookkeepers

Bookkeeping is the first step towards any firm, company or even a small business’s accounting procedures. All financial transactions that undergo as sales, are recorded, stored, analyzed, and utilized by the bookkeepers. The data that are produced from this process can be used to compare revenue, and greatly benefit future plans regarding the business. This makes one fact obvious: Bookkeepers need to be accurate.

Accuracy and bookkeeping are two peas in a pod. At least, that’s how it should be. Effective bookkeepers are able to keep up with customer demands, background costs, overall profit, and the entire cash flow system, and can then present all that information in an easy-to-understand manner. Of course, all this data needs to be as precise as possible, since even 1% of difference can lead to a financial disaster. If you are concerned with more concise specifics, go to to find out more benefits of bookkeeping.

Why bother with gardening bookkeeping?

The basic functions of bookkeepers are too advantageous to not implement. Especially in the case of gardening bookkeeping, the need to have a proper record of the floras cannot be overlooked. Someone needs to keep a track of how many plants are available in the garden, how many buds have grown or are yet to grow, how many trees have borne fruits, how many flowers are in bloom, etc. Gardening is no easy task, and management is something gardeners always need to be aware of. With a reliable bookkeeper around, this hassle is easily handled.

The bookkeepers can also help with legal issues. New firms are very susceptible to random breaches in law, so it is always safe to have a handy source of all the required information. Recorded data can be used as evidence for not only legal support, but for the development of the business as well. As a gardener, how else can you know which plant is the top customer favorite? Or which flowers can be sold with the greatest profit at a specific time of the year? Or which ingredients to use to create the next batch of compost?

Bookkeepers will keep a track of all this valuable information, and more. While strategic planning comes as a forte to many experienced bookkeepers, management of the overall business scheme is second nature to them. Bookkeepers are especially helpful for newcomers in the field of competitive business, but for general aid, they are available to assist any firm achieve their maximum potential.…

Invest in Gardening with Your SMSF

When we say invest in gardening, we don’t mean gardening in general, but more like the garden of the property that you’re investing in. Gardens are a major part of the house in general and can totally make or break a person’s first impression of the house. Not only that, you will find that many people will purchase a house only because of the garden and what the house in general can offer. Having a well maintained garden can totally change the entire atmosphere of the house as a whole.

Invest in Gardening with Your SMSF

Spend your SMSF on gardening

Life after retirement is something that many people worry about. Those that have substantial savings are not as half as worried as many of those who don’t have much in the form of pensions to keep them afloat. We all want to relax and live a comfortable life once we have reached the end of our careers, and many of us want to fulfil their dreams and live the life that they’ve always wanted to but couldn’t, now that they have all the time in the world.

Which is why many people want to have a say over what happens to their retirement funds and find ways in which they can increase that amount. Self managed superannuation fund is an excellent way to ensure that you have full control and say over what happens to your funds. So why not take this opportunity and invest the money in the housing industry? Not only will you be able to rent the property out and get a sizeable amount of sum every month, but you will also be able to maintain the property to ensure that the return is higher than it was supposed to be.

Why not buy a property that has a garden in the front or the back? If you can’t find anything like that, you could also purchase an apartment that has substantial amount of space for a small garden in the balcony or if it’s a rooftop house, then even a rooftop garden! The idea of purchasing a house with a garden has always been attractive, as that allows the homeowner more freedom and more space in their homes to make use of however they want.

If you’re planning on purchasing a house with a garden but cannot find a property with a garden that is good enough, worry not, you can always get it repaired and make it look even better than it used to before. Although garden repairs and maintenance will amount to a sizeable investment, it will be sure to attract more interested buyers and it will also raise the rent of the property as a whole.

All in all, having a well-maintained garden can go a long way in the housing industry, as that makes your property a lot more attractive. That said, you also need to ensure that the house is maintained as well, since that is the most important thing. For more information on buying a property with SMSF, read

Tax Returns for Landscaping Services

If you own a landscaping business or are an employee in a landscaping company, know that there are plenty of opportunities for you to claim all your landscaping works in your tax return. Since landscaping is an extremely important occupation for the beautification of all outdoor sceneries, landscapers should get something back from the government for all their hard work. Landscaping doesn’t just refer to the beautification of private gardens, but it also extends to the exterior of government buildings, parks, gardens, nurseries, golf courses, etc. It is by no means an easy job either, since landscapers are constantly working despite different weather conditions.

Tax Returns for Landscaping Services

Reporting your services on taxes

There are many ways through which you can let the government know that you’ve done them a good service and that they should give you something in return for all your hard work. Landscaping includes a variety of services, such as cultivating and pruning vegetables, fruits, and trees, weeding, brush removal, mowing, and applying pesticides.

In the case of claiming taxes on services done for businesses or home owners, keep in mind that if you sell them something that you bought directly after you’ve bought it, then you will not have to pay taxes for that, and that can be done using the resellers permit. Items such as potted plants, fertilizer, paving stones, sod, mulch, etc. fall into this category. Even if you install all these items into their garden or lawn, these aren’t taxable.

On the other hand, if you work on public property, such as within the road used by the public, then you need to report the income that you earn from such jobs under the classification of public road construction. Retail sales taxes cannot be collected on these services. You will need to pay sales taxes on the items and materials that you use for the job. If you work in areas such as public parks, then you will have to report it under the retailing classification of B&O. In this case, however, the materials that you use for the job will not be taxed, once again, with the use of a reseller permit.

If you perform horticultural services for farmers, you cannot collect sales tax for those services. Additionally, you will also have to pay sales taxes for all the materials and things that you will have to purchase for this job. However, there is an exception, the only way in which you can be exempted from taxes for all the things that you buy for the horticulture job is by making the farmer pay for them separately. Of course, you will need to have a receipt for that as well. In that case, that is, when you’ve billed the farmer, you can then purchase all the necessary farm materials with a reseller permit without needing to pay taxes on any of them.

There are a lot of other specific details that you will need to pay attention to when filing your taxes. To learn more about them, read

Benefits of Adding a Birdfeeder to Your Backyard

Benefits of Adding a Birdfeeder to Your Backyard

[the_ad id=”34″]Thousands of home owners look at installing a birdfeeder in their garden and it isn’t hard to see why. If you want to make your garden more attractive to the birds or just want to improve it a little, you should install a birdfeeder. The great thing about using a birdfeeder is that, the feeder looks good and they don’t take up too much space either. However what are the benefits of adding a birdfeeder into your backyard? click here for more information.

Attracting More Birds

Birdfeeders are perfect tools to help bring in new birds. This is why more people look at adding a birdfeeder in their gardens simply because they can attract more birds. If you are someone who loves birds or loves to watch them feed then you are going to want to install a birdfeeder. They are simple tools and some which are going to help bring in the birds more often too. You can see a lot of amazing birds and of course, you can keep the squirrels away too.

Benefits of Adding a Birdfeeder to Your Backyard

You Can Reduce the Amount of Insects in Your Backyard

Insect control is one of the benefits of using a birdfeeder. You not only have the chance to attract the birds but reduce insects and other horrible creatures that could potentially make their way into your home. Remember, birds don’t just eat seeds; they eat lots of things including insects which means you can remove a lot of them before they come in the home. You can find the birds attracted to the seeds and insects as well. for more information, visit :

You Can Educate Yourself about Different Bird Species

One of the benefits of installing a birdfeeder in your garden has to be your ability to learn. You can learn everything there is to about the various bird species which can be quite fun. This is certainly something you can find fun and appealing. Adding a birdfeeder into your garden can be extremely simple and you can learn so much about the different species of birds too. You can find out about seasonal birds and those which are found in your local area too.

Keeping the Squirrels Away

If you choose squirrel-proof birdfeeders you can help keep the squirrels out of your garden and away from the bird seed also. This is extremely important especially if you have issues with squirrels constantly sneaking into your garden and stealing the bird’s food. Of course, once you use the right birdfeeders you can ensure your garden will be squirrel-free in no time.

Birdfeeders Are Great

Your garden and back yard can look a lot better when you have a birdfeeder installed. You might not think birdfeeders would do a lot for your garden but in reality they can. You not only have the ability to keep the garden organized and free from nasty insects but can be great to bringing in new birds also. This is why more and more people today are going to look at birdfeeders and they aren’t too costly either.…

How to Ensure Your Grass Grows Nice and Thick

How to Ensure Your Grass Grows Nice and Thick

[the_ad id=”34″]Your lawns are extremely tough to handle. Grass can grow uncontrollably and become a massive thorn in your side. Unfortunately, we need to keep them in check if we want a beautiful lawn. This isn’t too difficult to do, at least, not when you know how to approach gardening with a little help. The following are a few methods to help ensure your grass grows thick and healthy.

Keep Your Grass Well-Watered

Grass dries out extremely easily and within a very short period of time, your grass can become an awful yellow shade and even start turning brown. When this occurs, the grass starts to die out and that effectively means the grass won’t grow back thick; and it won’t look nice either. However, when you keep the grass watered and continue to water it on a regular basis, it can keep it healthy. When the grass is healthy it will grow thicker and will look much better also.

Use Grass Seeds to Create a Thicker Appearance

You could always lay grass seeds to help your grass become thicker. Of course, you will have to match the current grass up with the seeds you buy but once you do, it won’t be too difficult. When you use grass seeds you can see some positive results but it will take a little while. However, this isn’t too bad and the lawn will have a nice thicker appearance too. This is what you want especially if you want to have a healthier looking lawn. for further details, visit :

How to Ensure Your Grass Grows Nice and Thick

Remove Weeds As Soon As They Appear

All lawns have weeds appearing and when they pop up, you should ensure they are removed as quickly as possible. These weeds cause a lot of problems for your lawn and usually it makes it less healthy also. That is why you need to seen to the weeds and get them out of your garden as fast as you can handle them. Weeds that are left unchecked will continue to grow and they eventually will spread which means more issues for your grass. click here for related information.

Fertilize Your Lawn Regularly

You may not like the idea of spreading fertilizer across the grass but actually it is the perfect way to keep it healthy and thicker also. Now fertilizing the lawn is extremely simple to do but very effective and it really will help keep your grass looking good and very healthy. Fertilizing isn’t a nice idea and it might smell somewhat but once you get used to it, it isn’t so bad. Also, once the fertilizer is down, the odor won’t last long.

Maintain Your Grass Once A Week

Cutting the grass is an important part of keeping your grass tidy and growing thick also. Maintaining the lawn is extremely important and ensuring you cut the grass at least once every week or two will help keep things in good order. This is the best way to help keep the grass looking good and growing in thicker.…