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10 Fun Ideas for Backyard Camping

A beautiful garden isn’t of much use if you don’t utilize it.  Plenty of families spend a lot of time and money on creating a beautiful backyard but very few families spend enough time outside.  There are plenty of wonderful ways to get the entire family out of the house and into the backyard.  Pool parties, barbecues, and outdoor sports are just a few of the many fun things the entire family can enjoy in the backyard but one of the best ideas to try next is a backyard camping session.   Backyard camping is affordable, great fun, easy to do and this type of adventure can be used as a major theme to celebrate a youngster’s birthday.  Here are 10 fun ideas to create a successful backyard camping trip.

10 Fun Ideas for Backyard Camping
10 Fun Ideas for Backyard Camping
  1. Get the camping gear out

What is a backyard camping trip without camping gear?  Good camping gear is a must to make your trip seem more realistic.  Get the lanterns, torches, hunting knives, flasks and backpacks out and establish exactly what you will need for an evening outside of the house.

  1. The tent is a must

Backyard camping in the garden is all about the tent.  Sleeping outside in the stars is superb for a break from the normal and cuddling together in a cozy tent is great for strengthening family bonds.  If you are looking for a good gifting idea for your little camper then there probably is no better gift than a very own hiking tent.  Check out the following hiking tent comparison to get a good idea of the best possible tents for any camping or hiking expedition.

  1. Start a campfire

A campfire is another essential for a great camping party.  Children can learn basic safety skills regarding campfires and it is great fun for kids to roast some marshmallows.

  1. Have a grill

Prepare a delicious meal out in the open on the fire.  One of the yummiest and easiest ideas is grilled hotdogs with veggie kebabs.

  1. Have a singalong

Sing a few songs while you enjoy the campfire even if it means dusting off your books of old folk songs.

  1. Tell ghost stories

Ghost stories might be a bit frightening when kids are sleeping outside but that is what creates a true camping experience.  Check the internet and collect a few of the scariest stories you can find and practice your scary voice before the big evening.

  1. Board games

The backyard camping trip is the perfect occasion to enjoy a few board games.  These games are superb for boosting children’s ability to strategize.

  1. Enjoy stargazing

If you don’t have a telescope then this is the perfect occasion to finally buy one.  Stargazing is great fun and extremely interesting.

  1. Play outdoor games

If you are planning on longer backyard camping trip then a good way to keep everyone engaged is by playing outdoor games.  Outdoor bowling, swimming, and nerf games are superb for keeping everyone busy and happy.

  1. Start planning your real camping trip

Camping in the garden is only going to be fun for so long.  Children eventually want more out of their expeditions.  Your backyard camping trip is the perfect time to start planning a real trip because you can engage everyone with regards to location, activities and more.