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Safety First In Marshes And Swamps

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Every swamp or marsh is different. One thing they all have in common is that it’s easy to get lost in a swamp. There are usually no identifying features that stand as landmarks. All the trees look the same. The water has no distinguishing features. The islets look alike.

The first rule before entering a swamp is to mark a clear line of demarcation. This will be your baseline to find your way back to weiter lesen …

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Before Your Journey into the Wetlands

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The Everglades are a lot smaller than they used to be, but that doesn’t mean it’s any harder to get lost in them. Some people have spent days getting lost in these legendary glades and, if you plan on exploring every inch of these wetlands, there are a couple of things you are going to want to do. Securing the home for a few days with services like http://www.securitychoice.com/ or at least holding off on mail deliveries is just one thing on your prep list.

Another thing you should always do is leave a note. This is actually item number ZERO – as in, it precedes item number one in terms of importance. Why is leaving a note or a voice mail about where you’re going to important?

Aron Ralston.

Remember that name. The mane was stranded for 127 hours when a rock wedged up against him and pinned his hand to the rock wall. If he had told someone where he was going he might have avoided the scarring events and, possibly, kept his hand. If you’re going to traipse around the wetlands, let someone know.

Another important thing to have is long sleeves and pants. It can be tempting to barefoot through the wetlands with light clothing but disease-carrying insects will make you regret it in the end.

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The Perfect Summer Vacation In The Tundra

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If you are looking for an unusual location for summer vacation, you should consider taking a trip to the tundra of the great state of Alaska. Not only will you experience almost 24-hour daylight during that time of year, but you’ll see a part of the planet that is truly unique that you will remember with awe for the rest of your life. For instance, it is common to see large herds of caribou moving swiftly over the tundra weiter lesen …

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Which Wetlands Are Safe For Children?

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Wetlands are a living and constantly changing environment that may be safe one moment and not the next. Suggesting any wetland is safe for children without adequate supervision by an adult would be irresponsible.

Wetlands provide experiences full of wonderment for young visitors. They will discover many varieties of grasses, and wildflowers that are not found anywhere else. Birds range from songbirds to waterfowl including geese and ducks. They may also see wading birds such as herons, sandpipers and cranes. weiter lesen …

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A Guide To Photographing Wildlife In The Swamp

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Swamps are not comfortable places to visit and are even less so when loaded down with photography equipment. Photographers realize the rewards of coming back with photos of wildlife only found in the swamp are high, since most will not expose themselves or their equipment to that environment.

Personal safety should always be the primary concern and special care must be taken in swamps. Swamps, depending on their location, hide alligators, venomous snakes, stinging or biting insects and poisonous plants. Always use high quality insect repellent minimizing the risk of contracting diseases weiter lesen …

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Encountering Wildlife At The Marshes

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The marshes are an important part of our nations ecosystem. They are home to a vast array of wildlife, some which can only be found in the marshes. They are a great place for people of all ages to see some of the natural wonder that this country holds. Many marshes have designated wildlife viewing areas for safely viewing wildlife which is great if you are visiting with small children. These areas are usually strategically chosen for the abundance of wildlife that can be viewed from a safe distance. If you are looking for a bit more weiter lesen …

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Things To Bring For Overnight Stay At The Everglades

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An overnight stay in the Everglades is a fantastic experience. There is however things that are an absolute must to take with you.

Mosquito spray is first on my list. These pesky flying insects are most abundant when the sun rises and sets at night. The spray will also repel gnats and flies. Battery operated bug lights offer a barrier for other flying insects that are unwanted. Bring a small first aid kit with items weiter lesen …

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What Should I Pack For My First Swamp Visit?

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When visiting a swamp for the first time, a number of items should be taken along to make the visit pass easier.

The first item is sunscreen. Anytime you’re outdoors the risk of sunburn is always there. Apply sunscreen even on overcast days as the sun’s rays will still cause a nasty sunburn.

The second item on the list is insect repellant. Swamps are wet and damp with swarms of mosquitoes just waiting patiently for their next victim. Apply insect repellant directly to your skin and also apply it to your clothes.
Mosquitoes can permeate thin clothing to get to the skin.

Wear comfortable shoes if you plan to explore. Most swamps for public use have elevated walkways to observe wildlife and plants. If you plan to explore in private swamps, adt home security promotions, take long pants and boots to protect from snakes and brush. A long sleeve shirt is helpful also as spartina grass can give razor like cuts to the skin.

Anytime you plan to venture into the wilderness always take a supply of water and high protein snacks such as granola, nut or trail mix. You never know when you could possibly end up lost. Having water and snacks can mean the difference between a good experience and a bad experience.

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